Roosevelt Island is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and at the helm of this resurgence stands Shelton J. Haynes, the CEO and President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). Since assuming his role in March 2021, Shelton Haynes has become a visionary leader who is deeply committed to shaping the future of this unique community.

As CEO and President of RIOC, Shelton Haynes has brought about positive changes vitalizing Roosevelt in Island. He works closely with the RIOC Board of Directors to ensure that the corporation’s goals align with the needs of the community., The community is the guiding force behind the island’s revitalization.

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Shelton Haynes Takes Leadership Seriously

Under his leadership, Roosevelt Island has reemerged as a hidden gem, no longer overshadowed by the neighboring metropolis of New York City. Haynes has overseen improvement projects to improve facets of life on the island. These initiatives include the renovation of historic landmarks like the Blackwell House, restoring the Southpoint Park Shoreline, replacing the Seawall Railing, and renovating essential community centers such as the Roosevelt Island Youth Center and the Sportspark Complex.

One of his notable achievements is the RIOC Community Events Calendar, a dynamic tool that keeps residents and visitors informed about events on Roosevelt Island. This calendar, prominently featured on the RIOC website, is regularly updated and allows community members to submit events for inclusion. It extends to Mr. Haynes’ commitment to fostering community involvement and engagement.

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Building A Strong Community In RIOC

Accessing the Community Events Calendar is straightforward; visitors to the RIOC website can simply click the ” Community Event Calendar” and select “Community Events Calendar” from the menu. This provides an overview of upcoming events, and a “View All” option offers a comprehensive calendar with all the island’s happenings. RIOC continually adds new events, ensuring the calendar reflects Roosevelt Island’s community life.

The Community Calendar Event Submission Form, located below the event listings, empowers Roosevelt Island residents to contribute to this dynamic calendar. It requests event details such as the title, location, date, and event description and even allows submitters to include event flyers for additional visibility.

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Shelton Haynes’ background in sociology from Hampton University and his early career with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development have provided him with valuable insights into community development. He’s passionate about projects and initiatives that directly impact Roosevelt Island residents and is dedicated to making the island one of the safest communities in New York City.

Enhancing Quality Of Life

Before joining RIOC, Mr. Haynes was the Chief Operating Officer at the Housing Authority of DeKalb County in Georgia. In this role, he oversaw all agency operations, led strategic and operational initiatives, and managed the executive management team. His experience in government and public service has been a driving force in his efforts to enhance the quality of life on Roosevelt Island.

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In conclusion, Shelton Haynes is a visionary leader steering Roosevelt Island toward a brighter future. His unwavering commitment to community involvement, preservation, and innovation creates a thriving, close-knit community that continues evolving. As Roosevelt Island shines brighter each day, it’s evident that Shelton J. Haynes is a leader who understands the true essence of community.



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